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Family Law refers to Florida law, rules, regulations, and court procedures involving the family unit when that unit comes under the purview of the courts. We at the Law Office of Russell Knight value your family as it exists now and will exist in the future.

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Child Support

Child Support in Florida is determined by a multitude of statutes and circumstances.  The first step in determining child support in Florida is determining whether the non-primary parent has substantial or non-substantial parenting time with the child.

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In Florida, alimony is first governed by the alimony statute which immediately informs us that there are many kinds of alimony. In 2011 the Florida legislature made extensive revisions to the alimony statute. Despite that, alimony in Florida is not predictably calculated.

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Parenting Time

In years past, visitation was the term Florida law used to describe the time spent with the parent who was not awarded custody.  Since 2008, there is no “visitation” in Florida law.  It is instead called “parenting time” which is both a clearer definition of what visitation really is.

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Division of Marital Assets

In a Florida divorce, a couples’ assets and liabilities will be totaled and categorized as either being marital or non-marital.  Once property is identified as marital the courts will find that, upon divorce, the property should be divided equally.

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