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What it costs:

The first question everyone asks us is "what is this going to cost me?".    

A divorce case, if both parties agree on everything, can be a relatively inexpensive proceeding.  Usually, however, most people end up in our office because the two parties cannot agree.  This makes it more difficult to tell you what, exactly, the proceeding willl costs.

Our fees:

Our attorneys charge hourly for their time.  Mrs. Nicola's time is billed at $400.00 per hour and Mrs. Oquendo's time is billed at $300.00 per hour.  In most divorce cases, there is a minimum retainer charged based on the complexity of the matter and the reasonable amount of time each attorney determines, in her experience, could bring the case to conclusion.  This is no guarantee that the case will be concluded within that retainer but our attorneys try to work within that retainer.  The retainer is determined at the time of the  initial consultation.

Initial consultation:  

We do charge a fee for our initial consultations equivalent to each attorney's hourly rate ($400.00 per hour for Mrs. Nicola's time; $300.00 per hour for Mrs. Oquendo's time).  If you have a special circumstance, you can request that this consultation fee be reduced or waived.  Requests for reductions in our fees are determined on a case by case basis.

Reduced fee cases and pro bono cases:

We take a select number of reduced fee cases and pro bono cases on a case by case basis.  We are  only able to handle a few of these matters at a time due to our caseload; however, we do try to accommodate clients who have special needs and are in dire circumstances.

Other expenses:

Some other expenses that are not included in our fees are filng fees, copy costs, court reporter fees, postage/mailing, courier fees and any other out-of-pocket expenses that could be incurred as a result of your litigation.  

Attorney's Fees and Costs