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Tamara and Gabriella

Dad's 1929 Model A

Naples traditionally has a Christmas parade at the beginning of December each year and, when the car is running, we enter it in the parade.  Here are a few pictures...

Tamara Lynne Nicola:

I grew up in Naples moving here with my family when I was in elementary school.  My dad, Richard  Jones, was a practicing attorney and practiced law until he died in 2010.  My dad's practice focused on real estate transactions, wills and trusts.  Throughout my childhood, I never saw my dad go to Court or even appear in a Court proceeding.  

I graduated from Barron Collier High School in 1983 and went to Stetson University, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1987; I minored in Sociology.  Upon graduating from college, I spent the next two years  living in Naples and working with my dad.  In 1989, I left to go to law school and started attending Ohio Northern University (my dad's alma matter).  

In law school, I was actively involved in Student government and was the Parliamentarian during my second year of law school and the Student Body President in my third year of law school.  I was an associate editor of the Ohio Northern Law Review and published a comment "Coerced Confessions and Harmless Error" during my third year of law school.  Also in my third year of law school, I was accepted in to the Moot Court team and traveled with the Moot Court team to Florida and competed in the Tax Competition.  Our team received fourth place honors in this competition (of course we wanted 1st!).  During law school, I was also accepted into the honors fraternity, Phi Delta Phi, and earned the American Jurisprudence Book Award, which is an award for receiving the highest grade in your class, for two classes:  Land Use Seminar and Family Law.  

As soon as I graduated, I moved home to Naples and started practicing law with my dad.  Our firm was called "Jones and Jones".  My dad had a "sink or swim" mentality and told me I would never work for him but would work "with" him.  Because my dad never had a litigation practice, I had to learn my way around the courtroom on my own.  I built my practice, from the bottom up, taking both criminal and family law cases.  During the first ten years of my practice, I tried both jury trials (criminal) and bench trials (family).

More than ten years ago, I stopped taking any criminal cases altogether and began focusing solely on family law cases.  This has allowed me to focus my practice to solely issues concerning the family.  

During my practice, I have been actively involved with the Collier County Bar Association and was the President of the Collier County Bar Association in 2013-2014.  Also, during that year, I completed Leadership Collier, which is a fantastic program in Collier County for people who want to be in leadership roles.

I have been married since 2001 to John Nicola and have a daughter, Gabriella, who was born in 2006.  When I am not working, I am spending time with them. 

Pamela J. Tatum

I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio until I moved to Naples with my family in 1979.    I attended Barron Collier High School and graduated in 1983.   I am currently married to Glen Tatum who is a Seargeant with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.  I have three children and two step daughters, ages 25, 23, 22, 20 and 9 and one granddaughter who is 15 months.   Sports have always been a big part of my life with my oldest children playing baseball, softball and football and now my youngest son playing football and basketball.   We have been active in the Naples Bears football program for the last four years and have enjoyed being a team mom and coach for the organization.   Whenever we have a break from our busy schedules,  we like going to the beach and  just hanging out with our family and friends.   My favorite pastime is fishing.   I always loved  bass fishing but now I’m “hooked” on saltwater!!  

Some interesting facts about us

Christmas Parade

When my dad, Richard Jones, passed away suddenly in 2010, I had his 1929 Model A restored by old car buff, Harry Seluga, who still fixes it when it breaks down (often).  The Model A is now part of the Nicola Family Law team and can be seen during local parades or just driving around town.